Saturday, May 24, 2008

~ a Paintin ~

This Painting i did a while back. it was my first acrylic on canvas. I just sat down one weekend with paint, brushes, and a canvas and was like "God what do you want me to paint?" and then He reminded me of a saying I had once heard that went something like this... "everyone is called to greatness, we are all standing with crowns above our heads God is just waiting for us to rise into them!" so I just started painting and by the end this came out. This was also the first well proportioned person I had ever painted. Which as some of my friends know is a miracle in itself.


  1. I Love this painting! you are a great artist! awe mia i miss you so much. i called you awhile back.....You need to blog some more! i want to know how life is and stuff :) its been way to long since you've written something lol. Love you bunches girl!


  2. Love this! it is gorgeous! You are definately a very talented artist!!!
    I love reading blogs of other arty people!!! I plan on putting some of my art up on my blog soon...but I dont know if I am brave enough! lol