Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Scribble Project

Hello All!

My latest way to warm up for a creative afternoon is to do a scribble page for the scribble project. you can fins out all about it here and here is the flickr group and here is where you can download and print your own pages. so head on over and get scribbling, you won't regret it!

Now that introducing you to the project is out of the way i would like to tell you a story. so me and my little bro are sitting at home one day and I decide we are going to have sibblig bonding time so I print him out a scribble page and make us some hot chocolate. we end up sitting together talking and listening to music for at least an hour (which is pretty good for him cause he is only 12) and then we decide to take some fun pictures together. it was really neat how the scribble page braught up interesting conversation topics we would have never normally talked about. Also it was refreashing to see him totally enthralled with something other than video games!

all in all we had a wonderful time!

Here is Wesley's unfinished but masterful scribble page
And here are all of our crazy mustache Pictures! He is such a rad kiddo! wouldn't you agree?

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