Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Wang Dang Eyebrow

Awhile back I had the funniest question asked of me…. “Do you shape your eyebrow like that?” Now of course this question was also accompanied with a most inquisitive look from the asker.
I was rather shocked and replied by saying “No it’s all natural”
Then I was questioned further with questions such as “do you sleep on it funny so it turns out like that?” and “does the other eyebrow do the same thing?”
I answered all of these questions very matter of factly “no I do not have to sleep on it funny to have it look like this” and “no the other eyebrow does not look like that” (this question was answered while lifting my bang to reveal my perfectly normal eyebrow)
Now anyone who knows me knows I have had a “wang dang eyebrow” (as we like to call it) for the entirety of my life. In all actuality it is a cowlick and it comes from my fathers side of the family. I am rather proud of my cowlick. It in fact will be my trademark someday when I create something that needs trade marking.
My sister commented that it looks like Count Olaf’s eyebrows from The Series Of Unfortunate Events, and though I cannot deny the resemblance I feel mine is a much more feminine eyebrow and I rather resent the idea of reminding anyone of that fiendish villain.
Other then the occasional funny look from a stranger I have also had some well meaning people come right up to me and try to “fix” my eyebrow by smoothing it down with their fingers.
One time a lady at a salon mentioned very strongly to me that they offered eyebrow waxing (Ouch!) haha!
Needless to say after all of this I truly love my eyebrow and embrace it and am going to start working some little drawings and sketches of it.
The End


  1. Oh, my goodness. I think I know the person who asked you the question. MEN. Hopefully it's not him. Wow. I actually didn't notice your eyebrow till awhile after I knew you.

  2. Ha.. the questions people ask!

    p.s. thanks for entering my oh hello friend giveaway the other week! :)