Monday, March 8, 2010

J.R.R Tolkien Artist and Illustrator

So this is way late but that's okay because the artist I want to share with you today is super amazing. Not only did he write the Lord of the Rings trilogy he also created a whole other world, language and culture in his novels. Along with his brilliance and creativity in the written word he also had a talent for painting and illustrating. He would create amazing images to accompany his book as well as just painting and sketching as a pass time. There is a wonderful compilation of many of his works called J.R.R. Tolkien Artist and Illustrator By Wane G. Hammond and Christina Scull. I would highly suggest going to a bookstore and pouring over this book, as it is very inspirational. My mother received it for Christmas and after I looked over it on Christmas day I sat down and did a J.R.R. Tolkien inspired drawing with crayons and a piece of scrap of paper. He was such a gifted and driven man and I am so thankful he left behind such an amazing legacy through his art.

And how cool is it that his art was put on stamps?photos all found through google search.

Here is the drawing I did on Christmas day! :)


  1. he really was a genius, wasn't he.

    (and i want those stamps!)

  2. Tolkien drew heavily on Norse mythology, and numerous sources from Finnish, Greek, Persian, Slavic, and Celtic mythology for inspiration. In-turn inspired by both Tolkien and by the old Norse legends I wrote my new version of The Mead Of Poetry in the old Norse poetic form of Fornyrdislag.