Saturday, January 22, 2011

What does beauty mean to you?



The wrinkles on a mother’s hands from all the love and care she has poured into her family.


The calm in the eye of a storm, when you can see the dark clouds all around you and yet you’re standing in a sun drenched mist.


The face of a child young and innocent just arriving into the world.


The ability to let go of yourself and pour the best of who you are into someone else.

I always think about what the people in our world would look like if our physical appearance reflected the state of our hearts. It would be shocking and would change everything about the way we live. Our whole idea of beauty would be turned on its head. Oh, what a revelation that would be.

Human eyes do not see true beauty, it is seen by the eyes of our heavenly Father. Only he can survey the heart moving aside all of the garbage that lies within to find that little, feeble flicker of life that seeks to love Him and Him alone, that seeks all that is true and good and noble.

Real beauty is when you put everyone on the same level and love people without thinking about it. Without weighing the pros and cons but instead recklessly loving because you have nothing to loose.

Beauty is God coming to earth in the form of a man giving up His life for all of us weary creatures, so broken by sin we can’t even see the truth anymore. He sacrificed Himself to give us life, to make the things in this world that were hopeless hopeful, to reveal the truth to all peoples and set them free.

That's what beauty means to me.


  1. This is absolutely wonderful! I am amzed at how each person I have visited for this project so far has inspired me and made me think of new things. Love it!

  2. Looks like this is the blog I'm coming to for a dose of Truth and beautiful statement about Him! (smile)

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  3. Branson, I have been so incredibly encouraged by everyone participating in Project 31 as well!