Friday, April 15, 2011

My life this week

This has been my life for the last week,
1) Work, work, work.
2) Spending a night making an amazing salmon dinner with the lovely
3) Doing my friends hair for prom.
4) Dying a streak of my hair turquoise. (a post all about that is in the works.)
Making dinner for my family. I made our secret family recipe for the best salad ever, mushroom salad, and salmon burgers! Yum!
And lastly I had the best thrifting day ever with Kierna! We hit up so many amazing places and got so many gems! More on that to come!

Tomorrow I am going on a vintage prom dress hunt with my darling friend Melody. It should be a wonderful day!


  1. Can't wait to see your hair, brave girl!

    Hey, you must tell where you are shopping for your great finds! Have you discovered Value Village on Glendale and oh, about 55th Ave, I think. I've found some great stuff there and the nice thing is there aren't price ranges for each item type for clothing. For example, all shirts are the same price. All pants are the same price, etc... flat rate prices! If you haven't already discovered it, you must go. It's nothing fancy inside but they do try to keep it pretty organized and you can't beat the prices! I think all shirts are something like $2.99! Head on over....

  2. great vintage finds. I like the boots. Check your email

  3. Looks like an awesome week! I love ht epic of the dinosaur toys, and the prom hairstyle is stunning. I'll bet the turquoise stripe in your hair is fabulous :]

  4. Your thrift collection looks amazing! I've been searching for some new boots, well, not trying very hard though. I better get to hunting:-) xoxo

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