Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Before and After: Altered Striped Shirt

before and after
This is the first of many documented alteration projects. My sister used this shirt as the top for a pirate costume a long time ago. She had it in a giveaway bag and I couldn't stand by and watch it get donated. Since I already have 2 shirts almost identical to this one I decided I would try altering it to make it a bit more fun and summery. So I got out some scissors and cut off the sleeves and neckline to start. I then cuffed the sleeves sewed in the rather wide neckline and proceeded to cut a strip of fabric off of the bottom of the shirt. I measured and sewed that strip of fabric to fit around my waste nice and snug and sewed it back onto the base of the shirt making sure it evenly gathered to make up for the difference in the circumference of the bottom of the shirt. And there you have it. I now have a nice summer basic to add to my wardrobe and it didn't cost me a penny!


  1. Such a lovely transformation!!! ;)

  2. I am rather jealous of your sewing abilities. This looks awesome! :]

  3. I really like the pattern! And you did a great job :)