Friday, July 1, 2011

The Perfect Summer Day

Last Saturday I lived the perfect summer day with some of my dear friends. I spent the night at my best friends house woke up and hit the town with Morgan and MacKenzie. We enjoyed amazing sandwiches at the Duck and Decanter. If you are in the Phoenix area I highly recommend stopping by this lovely little Deli.
Duck and DecanterSummer Sandwich Lovin'
After lunch we met up with Hallie and headed over to Fances and Smeeks for some window shopping and photo booth fun. Last weekend they were offering a free soda when you took pictures in their photo booth. So we picked out our sodas and hit the road again to stop by the Grow-op and Butter Toast Boutique. The twins scored some amazing boots at Butter and Toast.
PhotoboothOld fashion soda
Gosh, I love her!
We ended the day enjoying dinner back at Hallie's house and watching the last episode of BBC's new Sherlock Holmes Series. This series is just perfect. Based in 21st century London, two men with accents running around solving murders with brilliant dialogue, it really doesn't get better than that. This episode was paricularly intense and we were screaming out loud and sweating like crazy by the end of it.

Dear Summer 2011,
After that perfect day of summer livin' I am pretty sure I have fallen head over heels for you. If you could provide me with a couple more perfect days like that to seal the deal that would be great.
Your Ardent Admirer, MHC


  1. I love how you make the most of every day God has given you! Enjoy your week! jules

  2. That does look fun and delicious! I will be heading to Phoenix soon for the Women Of Faith Conference and I am going to try to take my sisters there! Thank you for your beautiful posts....your spirit is palpable!