Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage Etsy Shop Update: Purses

Found, vintage lovelies for you and your home
Today's update consists of the cutest summer purses. These lovely little bags are perfect for taking on any summer adventure!
Top left: Vintage Green Hard Sided Purse/Case
Top right: Vintage Nappa Brown Leather Clutch Purse w/ Wrist strap
Bottom left: Vintage Brown Leather Jack Georges Purse/Bag
Bottom right: Vintage Chocolate Brown Leather Purse/Messenger Bag


  1. so have you had a lot of views and sales of your etsy items?

  2. love these!!

    i came across your blog and think its so adorable!

    andrea g.

  3. these bags are great!

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  4. cute stuff! i loved that chocolate brown purse but it sold already! way to go!

  5. That first bag is gorgeous! Love the color. Your blog is so cute!