Thursday, September 1, 2011

Room Tour

Today I wanted to share a room tour with all of you wonderful readers.

My room is my sanctuary. When I first moved in the walls were painted yellow, a color I couldn't really live with all the time. To remedy this my mum and I painted two of the walls a pail green and the remaining two walls a pail blue. I was decorating my room in junior high and I wanted my room to be able to grow with me so I opted for a Shabby Chic look at the time which has since expanded and grown into what I now consider to be a rotating door for my dreams to become a reality and a place for all of my collections to happily reside.

This is the wall that is opposite my bed. This dresser belonged to my aunt when she was young and got passed down to me. I decided to paint it white and add some beautiful glass knobs to it. This dresser is also the home of my jewelry tree which I bought at Ikea for about $5. The jars with green lids which hold my bracelets and glasses are Pyrex and were thrifted on separate occasions for maybe a $1.50 each as were the apothecary jar and aqua tea cup. The turquoise pedestal I got from urban outfitters on clearance for $3 and the urchin that sits on top of it I picked up in Pasadena from the cutest little boutique. The butterfly strand hanging to the right of my dresser I picked up for $15 on Coronado Island at the most enchanting stationary shop when I spent spring break there with my best friend sophomore year of high school.

This is what you see as you walk into my room. That wonderful chair in the left corner I picked up on the side of the road one day while out driving. The little table that holds my globe was a garage sale find for $5. The shelf is from Ikea in the "as is" section and the mirror is shabby Chic from Target. I don't remember what we spent on either of those pieces.

The charming globe on the right is my mothers from when she was a child and the other one I scored at a rummage sale.

The cultivate solitude print is from my boyfriend via Katie Daisy and the photo booth pictures were taken at Smeeks! In the green bins pictured below I keep my extra bags and purses, fabric and books.

And this is my glorious bed. Almost all the bedding is Shabby Chic from Target. I absolutely love my quilt. The canopy I got at Anna's Linens I believe.

Last but not least here is my desk space. My wonderful desk was a cast off from my cousin and it has served me well through the years. The shadow boxes on the wall are from Target as is the desk organizer and stool. Two of the mugs that hold my pens and pencils are gifts friends that they brought me back from Europe. The paper lantern (the main source of light in my room) was purchased from Ikea.

And that's the end of my room tour. I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions about my room please don't hesitate to ask! And just for a little dose of reality this is how my room looked a couple months ago when everything got a little out of hand.


  1. so sweet! i LOVE how much personality it has and all your little knick-knacks :)

  2. I love your shabby chic room! I bought a set of that line from Target when I moved off to school and I still love it! Your chair is awesome too!

  3. awww I love it! your jewelry display on the dresser is so fun! and I love your bed!

  4. I really like your room! I found some similarities with mine :)

  5. Beautiful! So dreamy and whimsical. I feel as if this room would inspire both creativity and relaxation, a perfect combination :)

  6. I love how your room is so "lived in" even when it is clean and tidy. I don't like houses with stuff that doesn't get used or appreciated. I know that you love and appreciate every element of decor and memory in your room.
    I almost laughed out loud when i got to the photos of the messy room at the bottom. It was unexpected and funny. Where did all that stuff go? :)

  7. Loved your room! Is that panda softie handmade?

  8. Olric, I wish but no. It was bought at a little shop called morning glory. It's actually from a whole line of products that is very popular called tare panda!