Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Vacation: Livin' it up in Santa Cruz

While I was in California I spent a couple days in Santa Cruz visiting the camp I worked at last year with my wonderful, amazing, spunky friend Pineapple! We spent one evening at The Abbey Coffee Lounge which just so happens to have the most amazing art installations and delicious coffee. The picture of the fridge below is a painted vintage fridge that holds a ton of fun board games to play. Genius right?!

I just love all the aqua painted furniture and the chalkboard wrap around counter.

Aren't these painted windows above just gorgeous?! Whoever thought up all the interior design for The Abbey is seriously brilliant! Our beverages of choice that evening were, a latte for Pineapple and Mexican hot chocolate for myself. Both were excellent!

Right across the street from The Abbey is this gorgeous turquoise Victorian house. Pineapple and I were smitten! I'm telling you it was the day of beautiful aqua things. Check out that gorgeous little aqua BMW!!!

We ended the evening with a trip to Starbucks which resulted in us picking up a couple of these adorable red velvet whoopie pies.

I spent the night at Mount Hermon and the next day went to the beach for a bonfire with my family. The evening ended with this amazing flock of birds feeding on a swarm of fish right off the beach! It was incredible to watch!


  1. Wow, the Abbey is like the Anthropologie of coffee shops.

  2. This looks so lovely! How fun :)

  3. great photos, that coffee lounge looks like so much fun, especially the game fridge :)

  4. Oh my goodness! This is a beautiful place! Seriously... So, you, Kierna, and I NEED to go to the Duce! It's so much like the Abbey, you guys would adore it!

    <3 Deanna

  5. ohhh my, that looks like the most perfect coffee shop in the whole wide world!!

  6. I am completely captivated by the Victorian house! What a true beauty <3

    Lost in the Haze

  7. That is such a GORGEOUS place! I have to go there one day. That fridge is fantastic~

    Belly B :)

  8. I LOVE THE HOUSE....and the car. Oh man!

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  10. I know someone who worked at Mount Hermon this past summer... crazy connection! Annnnd I want to move into that coffee shop. So. Cute.

    I love your blog and the photos you share are simply beautiful!!