Sunday, February 20, 2011

Describe your personality.

Project 31 Day 18

I really lost some momentum this week with this post. It stumped me. It's so hard to write about your own personality especially when the term "personality" is such a fluid and subjective one. So I asked my mum if she could write up a little something about me since, well, she has known me longer and more fully than anyone else.
Here's what she wrote:

Mia is a remarkable person.

She is wise and her thoughts run deep. She is creative and able to think out of the box. She learns from past mistakes. She laughs at herself and maintains a mature and healthy sense of both identity and humility. She is incredibly good at learning what she is gifted in. She is naturally good at dance and cutting hair. She has spunk and determination, but is able to flex and give way for the greater good. She is an amazing cleaner-upper. I like to call her the white tornado. She can come into a room and make it clean and clutter free in a matter of minutes. She is able to save money and manage time. She has impeccable fashion sense. She is definitely artsy and listens to music that is simple, real and deeply felt. She is a hopeless romantic and rather earthy and down to earth at the same time. She is a loving friend and a great listener. She helps others with a caring heart and loves others just for who they are. She has persevered through some very hard times and has come out the other side holding the hand of Jesus. Her character has been built through adversity. She knows the way she needs to go and is wise enough to wait on God to help her make it happen. But she doesn’t sit around twiddling her thumbs, she is active in seeking and doing what God shows her to do. When she sets her mind to do something, she can make it happen. She is delightful to be with.

Thanks mum!

I also asked my boy to write up a little something.
If you want to read it hop on over here.


  1. Wow Mia. What beautiful gifts of affirmation you have received! You are such a reflection of Jesus! Hey, are you going to be involved in 24/7 this year at all? I love seeing your creativity there. I'm currently involved in planning meetings for it, both on site and off this year! Can't wait. God is calling me to a painting... I'm a little nervous but I love the feeling of being completely immersed in creating with Him so I'm anxious to get started although I know the struggle of the work that is done in my heart while I'm painting with God. He has much to teach me with this painting, I know. Have to find the right has to be big! :)

  2. sooooo gooooood!!!!!!!!!!

    (this time I will specifically leave my name)

  3. Angie, I am not going to be involved with 24/7 prayer at this point. I can't wait to see what God is going to create through you!