Monday, February 21, 2011

Write about your favorite comfort food

The Definition of Comfort Food:
Food that is simply prepared and gives a sense of well being; typically food with a high sugar or carbohydrate content that is associated with childhood or with home cooking. Food that one eats to feel comfort or alleviate stress rather than to receive nutrition

Any kind of Asian food fits the "comfort food" bill for me. My mother is Chinese and whenever we spend time with family over the holidays we live off of Asian food. Home cooked, take out, or restaurant dining, Asian food always seems to set things right in my world.


  1. Oh my lanta, that sushi looks SO GOOD! Yay for Asian comfort food! :]

  2. holy CRAP! that looks tasty. i'd eat sushi everyday if i could. but that wouldn't be very kind to my finances. :/

  3. Yum! We are takeout Chinese nuts!

  4. I am from the south, but I like coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Perhaps because it's cold outside a lot of time here.

    My husband is Filipino and he loves any type of Asian food too.

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  5. Sarah Pete, I know doesn't it just look so yummy!

    Kristin Elena, I would too but my wallet would not be happy!

    Ramsey, Yay for Chinese Takeout!!!

    Ricebabies, I LOVE candy coffee! My friends think it's yucky with all the cream and sugar I put in it but I think it's so yum!