Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What would you like to change about yourself for the better?


I am a procrastinator.

I've been one since I was young. I always put things off until the last possible minute, literally.
So my motto this year is, "Just do it!" I know that's Nike's marketing campaign but that doesn't stop me from using it as my constant go to motto. Whenever I am dreading something, in my head I think "Just do it!" and before I know it, it's done. I spend so much of my time dreading things that I never get around to actually doing them until I absolutely have to. This is a major problem, one that I am just beginning to face head on. I cannot let this stop me from moving forward any longer. I need to face my fears and dreads like a warrior and fight with a passion everyday to do the will of the Father. I don't want to plop down in bed at night feeling like "What did I do today?" I want to slump into my bed exhausted from the fight! I realize now if I were to weigh my time on a scale of what really mattered, the "wasted time" side would be heaping full. Yuck! It is time to stop this now. Procrastination must be squashed and eliminated from my life!

Also read this!
It pretty much sums up how I feel quite often about being the ideal version of myself.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is something my mom says ALL THE TIME. "Just do it!" It kind of drives us crazy. BUT it's totally true, and good to have in mind.

  2. I wait until the last minute on things as well. I'd like to be more organized.

  3. I came across your blog and it's so lovely!

    I've been a part time procrastinator but I've been pushing myself to do this in the moment and it has proved to be rewarding!

  4. Love the new posts. And I'm pretty sure that link you put to the ideal me, it got all up in my head about my ideal self.
    I wonder, after reading your posts tonight, how I must make God sad when I wish to be someone with talents other than the ones He gave me? I know He probably wishes I'd get out there and work in this world with what He meant for me to have instead of me sitting around wishing I had a better record collection or mad sewing skills like I tend to do. (smile)

    Thanks for the words!