Thursday, March 17, 2011

What do you hope your grandchildren will say about you someday when you are gone?

Project 31 Day 26

I hope one day my grandchildren will be able to say,
that I loved Jesus,
that I worked hard in life,
that I put others first,
that I forgave quickly,
that I loved well,
that I was never harsh but always spoke in a gentle voice,
that I remembered their birthdays and got them magical gifts,
that I took them out and treated them to wonderful food,
that I shared what I learned in life with them,
that I always believed in their dreams.

I want to inspire my grandchildren.
I want to encourage them and help them grow.
I want to empower them to accomplish their goals.
I want to be a consistent part of their lives.
I want them to know that they can come and talk to me about anything.
I want to hear their stories and tell them mine.
I want to mentor them.
I want to make plans with them and make sure they happen.
I want to hold them when they're babies and go on adventures with them as they grow older.
I want to make them beautiful gifts.
I want to cook them their favorite foods.
I want to love them always no matter what.


  1. This is so so sweet. I love it.

  2. this is so good. I totally love the grandparent relationship and I love how different it is from a parent relationship. It really is unique. That was a lovely blog post mia! great pic of jewelry I gave you too!!!