Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Faith blogs

Today I have a guest post over at Faith blogs!
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If you haven't heard of Faith blogs before head on over and check out their site! Katie Troup has created an amazing networking website used to connect Christian bloggers. Since being involved with Faitblogs I have seen God use many bloggers to encourage each other in such real ways! I'm so excited to see how Faith blogs will continue to grow and bless those in the blogging community!
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  1. I just found faith blogs, love it.

  2. hey mia :) I just wanted to let you know that your blog is beautiful. Through the posts I've read, I can see you really have a passionate love for God, which is very inspiring.

  3. i love the cute blogs about families with adopted kids. a lot of times the dad is the main blogger! which i thought is surprising, because I'm sure the readers are mainly women.

  4. i was added to faithblogs last week and i love it!
    so awesome seeing other bloggers who love Jesus :)


  5. how exciting faithblogs is!
    i just find myself wanting to hear more about Him and hear from other people who love Him these days. more all the time. (smile)