Monday, March 7, 2011

Post a pic of your favorite comfy clothes

comfy clothes

I would say I have lived in these comfy clothes 90% of the time in the last couple of months. The first picture was taken right after I showered off from a run. The second one was taken when I clearly had a lack of sleep, hence the major bags under my eyes (or do I always have those?). These days I have mostly been spending time at home in long black leggings and over sized shirts.

Outfit Details:

Picture 1
V-neck: Hanes
Capris: Zen Chi

Picture 2
Black long sleeved shirt: Old Navy
Lime green hoodie: Old Navy
Sweat pants: Express


  1. thanks for joining the giveaway :)

  2. nice. I love wearing sweatpants too. Not so much leggings, though.
    Why is "post a picture of your fav. comfy outfit" part of the 31 day challenge? I'm confused...

    Its good to see your room! Why does it look like there's tons of stuff about to pour out from under the bed!!? :) lol

  3. I would say leggings and over sized shirts are the ultimate comfy clothes. I spend my weekends in them :)