Friday, March 25, 2011

Write about you insecurities as a women


I have so very many insecurities as a women.
I think the greatest of these being the fact that sometimes I don't feel like I look perfect enough in this artificial world.
For years I was told by my peers, my surroundings and even the adults in my life that I had to look perfect, wear the right clothes, have the right bust size and the right hair or eye color to have worth.

I at first I was so angry at everyone for making me feel like that. For degrading me. But then I realized that what each individual person thought of me didn't matter. What I thought of myself affected me, but in the end didn't matter. What mattered was what God thought of me. His is the only opinion and view of me is eternal everything else will pass away. The truth is He created me, He loves me and He will always want the best for me. His is the only opinion that will ever really matter, today, tomorrow and forever. When I realized this, I realized all my insecurities were merely crippling me from living fully to accomplish the will of the Father.

Bye bye insecurities. Hello Jesus Christ.

This is not to say that I don't still have a butt load of insecurities, but merely to say that Jesus is the answer to overcoming them. When I am focused on His goodness and serving Him wholeheartedly there is no room left for me to feel insecure.
Praise the Lord!


  1. You are absolutely right! When i give other people power over me to control what I think of myself that takes power away from my Jesus! HE IS ALL I NEED! Found you from Faith Blogs... praying that you keep the faith and keep fighting the good fight, girlie! Can't wait to see what you have to share, so I signed up to follow. Jules from bles-id

  2. Bye bye insecurities, hello jesus christ! i love that. You need to make a post about david and the trip!!! especially the photo shoot, unless you don't want to make those pics public. probably a lot of people want to see them. Lets skype some time soon! love, alyssa

  3. You are so beautiful girl! It is so easy to succumb to the world's expectations. I've struggled with it so much in my life, but God is so good. He helps us overcome. He is my identity, my one perfection. I can be secure in that.

  4. you are absolutely right girly :)