Saturday, March 19, 2011

Write a blog to encourage someone and build their confidence!

Project 31 Day 27

To My Dearest Mum,

You are the strongest woman I know. You love your children like crazy. You are always putting us first and trying to make our lives better. You are an amazing cook and a fantastic hostess. Thanks for always keeping it together and staying on top of our activities.

You have taught me to be realistic. You have taught me to be strong. you have created an environment for me in which I have been able to grow and flourish. Thanks for never hesitating to buy me art supplies or encouraging me with big projects (coughpromdresscough). Thanks for telling me hard stuff even though I hate hearing it and for keeping me accountable. You know even when I sulk I am taking in your wisdom. I really can't escape it. Thanks for making me wonderful handmade gifts. Thank you for homeschooling me even though I was a pain the the booty. Thanks for nurturing my very free spirited personality.

All those dreams you have of living off the land and being a full time artist, well those are the best. Don't think you can't have them cause you CAN. I am 100% sure one day God is going to give you all of the desires of your heart! I see you work so hard everyday to make your family happy. Don't ever give up Mum! I love you so much and I think you are the greatest!

I love you!
I am your biggest fan!
And when I live in California you can always crash at my place!

xoxo your baby girl


  1. "Thank you for homeschooling me even though I was a pain the the booty." That's really funny, and so true!! Remember climbing on the roof? haha

  2. Hey girly! Just found you blog. I notice you are doing project 31. Me too! :) Such a sweet blog. Jesus really shines through you and your blog.

  3. You have no idea how sweet this post was. I really, truthfully enjoyed reading it.

  4. Yes!Tell your mom thank you for helping grow you into the woman you are today!