Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Spicery

The Spicery Decor
A couple weeks ago my sweet mother took me to a lovely tea shop in downtown Glendale called The Spicery. This lovely little shop is decorated perfectly and don't even get me started on the food! It was amazing!!! All of the food is homemade, and let me tell you it was delish! I loved watching all of the older women customers chatting about their grandchildren and enjoying fine dining! There was a beautiful bird bath outside our little window and we got to watch a small little bird come and refresh itself. There is truly nothing like going out and having tea with someone you love!It was so nice to just relax and lapse back to a time when things were nicer and life was simpler.
The Spicery Food
I had their iced tea, quiche of the day and custard stuffed cream puff. My darling mum had a salad plate. all of the food was fabulous. Those rolls were especially wonderful. They were sweet, light and perfect with butter!


  1. What a lovely place! Looks scrumptious! Times with Mom are so special!

  2. That custard puff looks like it would make a sugar dust cloud if you blew on it. I like how oozy the custard looks! Coincidentally I have a custard blackberry pie in the oven right now. MMMMmmmm....*fingers crossed* I hope it turns out! I love tea places.