Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage 1960's floor length dress

1960's Evening Dress
1960's Evening gown
I found this lovely 1960's floor length dress while thrifting with Kierna last month. We walked into this ordinary thrift store heading straight to the vintage rack and there she was. I reached for this dress only noticing the fabric, but once I lifted it off the rack and saw that is was a one shouldered evening gown I was floored. The best part is it was only $1.98 and in amazing condition (no rips or stains.) For serious! I thought maybe it was miss-marked, but nope, I only payed 2 bucks for this beauty. When We got home that afternoon I tried it on. I thought for sure it was going to be too small for me as the waste is quite petite, but after slipping it on and zipping it up, to my amazement and sheer delight it fit me like a glove! Crazy! It's marked as a size 6 but I can see that it has been altered along the seem at the zipper. I am so thankful for this little treasure. Now to find an occasion to wear it!


  1. wow, only $2? Thats nuts! You can't even get fabric that cheap! What a pretty dress! Does the shoulder tie, or is that a decorative bow?

  2. Wow. This is perhaps the most beautiful vintage find I have ever seen! It is so trendy now! That is my favorite color! I am so in love with it.