Monday, January 31, 2011

Post a recipe

This is my family's non-traditional recipe for potato latkes.
Jan 28, 2011_2
This recipe makes two medium sized latkes or one really big one. It really all depends on the size of your potatoes.
Jan 28, 2011_22
1. Peel two of your potatoes

2. Use a cheese grater to grate your potatoes.

Jan 28, 2011_21
3. Rinse your potatoes in cold water a couple of times to get out the starch.

4. Pour your bowl of water and potatoes into a strainer. Try to get out as much water as possible.

5. Lay out four paper towels folded in half on your counter and pour your strained potatoes onto the paper towels spreading them evenly over one section of the paper towels.

6. Fold the remaining paper towels over your potatoes and press down to absorb as much remaining moister as possible.
Jan 28, 2011_24
7. Now that you have dried your potatoes return them to a bowl and add one egg, a generous dash of salt, and just a little under even parts cheese to potatoes. Mix well.

8. Turn your stove to medium heat and melt enough butter in the pan to make sure the latka won't get stuck. If you're making two medium sized latkas pour half of your potato mixture into the pan and spread it into a nice circular shape.

9. Wait till there are little bubbles in the center of your latka and the bottom is golden brown. Make sure you loosen the underside of your latke so you can flip it easily.

10. Flip your latke. Make sure your heat isn't too high. You want it to be hot enough to cook the latke at a nice speed but not so hot it only browns or blackens it and leaves the rest raw. Now all you need to do is wait for the other side of your latke to brown. While I'm waiting I like to clean all the dishes I used and get out a plate for my finished latke.

11. Once your latke is fully cooked transfer it to a plate. Repeat steps 8-11 to make a second latke.
You've made yourself a super healthy and delicious meal or snack.
Eat with applesauce.
I suggest Trader Joe's unsweetened applesauce.

If anyone ends up trying this recipe let me know how it turned out for you!


  1. yummy! x

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  2. This looks awesome! Thanks for posting!

  3. It looks tasty but... healthy? It is without a doubt one of the less healthy snacks I've ever seen! Cheese and butter and potatoes? There's not much healthy about it. But not to worry, the less healthy, the more yummy, I say!