Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Outfit post brought to you by David

This outfit post is brought to you by my handsome boy David. He is such a dear to put up with my pickiness for photo taking. Thanks for being my photographer hon. You're a keeper ;)

Every week when I go running I pass by this wonderful be-vined wall. I always think to myself how perfect it would be as a back drop for outfit pictures so when David came out I finally got my wish, an outfit post in front of this beautiful vine covered wall.

Alright onto the outfit. This is a shirt I designed and made myself. I have seen so many of these beautiful slouchy shirts around and I dearly wanted one for myself so I snatched up some fabric and whipped up this little lovely with my friend Kierna. I later made made a second slouchy gray shirt featured in this post.

Outfit Details:
Striped Shirt: Handmade
Shorts: Thrifted, Bullhead Jeans
Shoes: Toms
Thumb ring: Gifted by mother, Target
Floral Ring: Gifted by father, The Cottage Garden II
Outfit post
reachOutfit detailsHandmade shirt
I later found this shirt at Anthropology which was quite similar and made me want to make a dozen more comfy striped shirts!


  1. if you look at the second photo sideways it looks like you're laying in a leafy bed of vines. So magical. (are those shirts really called "slouchy"? It just seems like a different adjective would be more elegant.)

    Did Julia tell you we tried water marble nail art the other evening? It was totally fun but an epic fail :) I'm sure she wishes she could be in AZ when you guys are doing fun stuff as a family like Cheesecake Factory.

    Speaking of cheesecake and Fathers Day, I made a key lime cheesecake for Kyle's dad. It was divine and lasted many, many desserts.

    Love ya!! Prayed for you yesterday. <3

  2. You need to show me how to make that shirt!!! SO cute!